Assessment of a microkinesitherapie treatment on 300 low back pain sufferers

AUTOR : Daniel Grosjean, Didier Poquin

CZASOPISMO : Medycyna Manualna tom X nr 2 i 3/2006



At the Consensus lecture about physiotherapists treating low back pain sufferers, B.Desnus concluded his speech as an expert saying, "Up to now to have not seen any study enabling us to assert with certainty the efficiency of a physiotherapic treatment in case of low back pain ..." The jury made the same observation: "The jury was struck by how rarely the diagnostic test are authenticated, and how rarely aht is done in physiotherapy is assessed in case of low back pain... The experts as well as the members of the jury were unanimous in considering the clinical research development in physiotherapy as not sufficient in our country (France). Microkinesitherapie is one of the manual techniques used in physiotherapy. This is how we define it: "The human body, as any living system, is conceived to adapt, defend itself and self-correct in case of traumatic, emotional, toxical, viral, microbic or environmental attacks. When the attack is stronger than the possibilities of defence of the system, the vitality of the bodily tissue concerned is altered. This is a process of "memorisation" of the attack. The change in the tissular vitality can trigger various local or distant manifestations. Microkinesitherapie looks for imprints left by these attacks in the different tissues of the system, thanks to a specific manual micropalpatory technique. Its action is to carry out a manual stimulation of the self-correcting mechanisms so as to avoid the degradation of the tissues and to reestablish their function". Several other experiments and assessments have been carried out with microkinesitherapie in cases of functional colopathy, algoneurodystrophy, osteophagitis, sport accidents and handicapped workers, but nothing has been done yet about lower back pain.

The aim of this assessments is to measure the input of microkinesitherapie in treating lower back pain. To achieve this, a questionnaire was used as part of a survey.

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